The Beach Bar of Lido Villa Olmo on Lake Como

The Beach Bar of Lido Villa Olmo on Lake Como

The Beach Bar of Lido Villa Olmo is open every day from 09. am to 9 pm

Below, the updated list of dishes, drinks and prices.

Espresso Coffee €1,10
Cappuccino €1,50
American Coffee €1,30
Barley €1,30
Ginseng €1,50
Maroccan €1,50
Milk or lemon tea €1,50
Latte Macchiato €2,50
Coffee with liqueur €1,50
Glass of hot or cold milk €2,00
Shaken Coffee €3,50
Shaken coffe with liqueur €4,00



Pizza Margherita €6,50
Pizza Napoli(with anchovy) €7,00
Pizza with sliced ham €8,50
Schiacciata with rosemary €5,00
Schiacciata with slinced ham €8,00
First dishes €8,00
Focaccia with ham e cheese €5,00
Cold disches Starting from €10,00
Salads €8,00
Fresh fruit salad €4,50
Sandwiches Starting from €5,00 with fresh proposals every day
Supplements from €0,50
For any changes ask for the price in advance



Natural or sparkling water €1,20
Juice €3,50
 Smoothies €5,00
Non-alcoholic fruit drink €5,00
Fruit juices / Drinks in cans €2,50
Drinks on tap €2,50 / €2,80 / €3,00
Draft beer €4,00 / €5,00 / €10,00
Bottled beers From €3,50
Red Bull / Crodino / Sanbitter €3,50
Campari Soda €4,00
Glass of White / Red / Prosecco Wine From €5,00
Spirits From €5,00
Bitters and Liqueurs Starting From €4,50



From €7,00 - Big Cup €15,00
Villa Olmo Beach
Vodka, sour, lovem, ginger beer
Mai Tai
Rum chiaro e scuro, orzata, zucchero, orange curaçao, lime
American Mule
Campari, vermouth rosso, ginger beer, bitter orange
Rum scuro, brandy, lime, succo d'arancia, orzata
Aperol Spritz
Prosecco, aperol, soda
Jamaica Mule
Rum scuro, lime, zucchero, ginger beer
Aperol Sour
Aperol, sweet & sour
Moscow Mule
Vodka, ginger beer, lime
Vermouth rosso, campari, soda
Rum chiaro, lime, zucchero
Vermouth rosso, campari, gin
Daiquiri Fragola
Rum chiaro, lime, zucchero, fragola
Sea Breeze
Vodka, cramberry, pompelmo
Vodka, succo d'arancia
Tequila, cointreau, lime
Campari, succo d'arancia
Rum chiaro, lime, zucchero, soda, menta
Tequila Sunrise
Tequila, arancia, granatina
Mojito Campari
Campari, lime, zucchero, soda, menta
Sex On The Beach
Vodka, liquore alla pesca, arancia, cranberry
Mojito Fragola
Rum chiaro, lime, zucchero, soda, menta, fragola
Rye whisky, assenzio, zucchero, angostura, peychaud's bitter
Mojito Passion Fruit €8,00
Rum chiaro, lime, zucchero, soda, menta, passion fruit
Gin Tonic / Lemon
Gin, acqua tonica / limonata
Chachaça, lime, zucchero
Dry Martini
Gin, vermouth dry
Vodka, lime, zucchero
Pisco Sour
Pisco, sweet & sour, amargo chunco
Caipiroska Passion Fruit €8,00
Vodka, lime, zucchero, passion fruit
Bloody Mary
Vodka, pomodoro, limone, salsa
Caipiroska Fragola
Vodka, lime, zucchero, fragola
Long Island Ice Tea
Gin, vodka, rum, cointreau, sour, coca cola
Cuba Libre
Rum, lime, coca cola
Lynchburg Lemonade
Jack daniels, cointreau, sweet & sour, sprite
Piña Colada
Rum, cocco, ananas
Vodka, cointreau, lime, cranberry
Division Bell
Mescal, lime, aperol, maraschino